Imam Mahdi

Music Video by: Sami Yusuf
Title: Barakah
Language: Arabic

Music Video by: Hamed Zamani
Title: Ma Miravim (We are going ...)
Language: Arabic, Farsi

Imam Mahdi is Shiite's 12th Imam. He was born in the year 869 AD (255 hijri). He has had 2 absences, a long one and a short one. The short one started since the year 874 AD when his father died, and took 69 year. Since then, for the fear of being killed, and in order to prepare the world for receiving and respecting him, Imam Mahdi is in his long absence by God's power and will. However, the term absence does not imply that he is living somewhere outside this earth, or that he is dead, and will be resurrected. Absence means that like Noah who lived more than a thousand years, Imam Mahdi's age also exceeds a thousand years; and like Joseph, who lived among egyptians and traded with his family, but was not recognized, Imam Mahdi also walks among people and eats and talks with them, but is not recognized.

Western Media or the media directed by Freemasonic groups, or by ideologies whose usurping and oppressive politics would be endangered and jeopardized by the rulership of a just leader, who would not take command of any authority and would not consider anyone superior to himself other than God, is struggling hard to present Mahdi as a disgusting, fearsome, bloodthirsty creature, by whose appearance, civilizations will be annihilated and Jews and Christians will be massacred. He is presented as the Anti-Christ who is coming to kill rather than to bring peace and justice. But these are only big lies and false accusations. Imam Mahdi, althought shiite Muslims' Imam, but is the harbinger of peace and justice for all humankind, and is going to alleviate pain from the bodies and souls of all humans when he returns...

Anybody who seeks to learn about Mahdi, should refer to Shiite Muslims' resources, because Mahdi is the 12th and the last of the Shiite Imams. In order to know his character and his merciful behavior one should only study the lives of his ancestors who were all Imams of peace and justice, and were oppressed and killed themselves, to prevent the rest of the world from getting familiar with them. This video is a description of Mahdi's forefathers and his family...

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