Imam Mahdi

Short Biography of Imam Sajjad AS

  His birth date is narrated to be on the 15th of Jamad-ul-Avval of year 35, 36 or 38 (there are different opinions on the exact day) or 19th November 655 (656, or 658). His father had been Imam Hossein AS and his mother was Shahrbanu, daughter of the Persian king, Yazdgerd.

  Shahrbanu and her sister, as stated in different narrations, had been sent to Medina, after she was held captive in one of the battles between Muslims and Persians, in which Persians were defeated, at the time of Omar, the second self-assigned caliphate after Prophet Mohammad AS. She was said to be one of the most beautiful of women, but when Omar intended to unveil her to see her face, she resisted and insulted Omar. Omar annoyed by the scandal, decided to sell her as a slave but Imam Ali AS who was present in the crowd, accosted Omar and told him, that it is a disgrace to sell a chaste princess as a slave, but instead, it is more honorable to wed her to any of the Muslims she would prefer herself. Shahrbanu who prior to this incident had had visions of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Hossein AS, and had secretly converted to Islam, instantly chose Imam Hossein AS as her husband. Shahrbanu died at the time of Imam Sajjad’s birth, and Imam Hossein AS found a nursemaid to raise Imam Sajjad AS.

  Imam Sajjad AS was 22 or 24 years old at the time of Karbala event, but by God’s wisdom, was afflicted by a disease, which saved him from getting killed. But the agony of the event and its aftermath never vanished from his memories. He lamented Ashura all his lifetime. He was also the most praying and prostrating of the Imams; and therefore, was also known as, the Master of Prayer, the Master of prostrating, and was also known as one the four major lamenters and criers (the other three were Adam, Jacob, and Joseph).

  He lived 35 years after Imam Hossein AS, and was known to be 57 years old when he was poisoned and martyred by one of the Ummayah’s caliphates, Valid-ibn-Abdolmalek.

  His book of prayers, known as Sahifeh-Sajjadiyeh or the Bible of the Infallibles, is remained from him.

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