Imam Mahdi

Short Biography of Imam Jafar Sadeq AS

 Imam Sadeq As is Shiites’ sixth Imam. He was born on 17th of Rabi-ol-Aval, 83 (20th April, 702) in Medina. Prophet Muhammad had informed of his birth and recommended to name him Jafar Sadeq (Sadeq in Arabic means truthful and honest), because one of his progeny will also be born with the name of Jafar, but who pretends to be an imam assigned by God, who therefore, will be known as the Lier Jafar.

 Imam Sadeq AS, like his father, lived at the time of Bani-Abbas dynasty, who like Bani-Umayyah dynasty hated the progeny of Mohammad and Shiites, but unlike them, opposed and killed the Imams indirectly and by poison. Imam Baqer and Imam Sadeq lived at the time when the Bani-Abbas dynasty had just recently started and in order to flourish they pretended to be the Imams’ friends and supporters, in order to gain support from Shiites, and all those who were exhausted by the Umayyah tyranny. Therefore, the time of these two imams had been the perfect time to practice and teach Islamic rules and science. Imam Baqer known as Baqer-ol-Ulum, meaning “apprehender of sciences”, started classes teaching science and Islam, which continued in the time of Imam Sadeq AS as well.

 Imam Sadeq trained more than 4 thousand scientists and scholars, some of which include: Jaber-ibn-Hayyan, Ali-ibn-Yaghtin, Mofazzal, etc. Mofazzal's Monotheism, is Imam Sadeq’s teachings to Mofazzal, containing tremendous scientific facts about human body, animals, birds, nature, etc. unfortunately, the second volume has been missing or destroyed during time.

 Unfortunately, the time of peace and tranquil had been short for Imam Sadeq AS. By the time Mansour became the king, his pressures and tyranny against Shiites increased, and caused the martyrdom of Imam Sadeq AS by Poison at the age of 65. He was buried in Baqee’ next to his father.

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